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Company History

2006 TYROLIT CEE – established – exclusive sales organization for CARBORUNDUM brand and TYROLIT sales representation for Eastern Europe
2005 Company belongs to TYROLIT (Swarovski Group)
2002 ISO certification extended to ISO 14001
2000 ISO certification extended to ISO 9001
1996 ISO 9002 certification procedure completed
1992 CARBORUNDUM ELECTRITE a.s. - joint-stock company established
1990 Disintegration of the united company by spinning-off Rekord Kolín and Carbo Kunstat in Moravia
1958 Merger with Rekord Kolín and grinding grain producer at Kunstat in Moravia into one company with its seat at Benatky nad Jizerou
1952 New production plant in Kunstát na Morave started - production of Silicon carbide
1936 Registration of CARBORUNDUM Trade Mark
1929 Firing process of grinding tools was modernized by conversion from coal to gas heating of the ovens
1926 Start of production in Dresden and Düsseldorf, Germany
1922 Company’s headquarters moved from Vienna to Benátky
1897 First artificial corundum – ELECTRITE - was manufactured
1893 CARBORUNDUM-WERKE in Benátky nad Jizerou established
1891 KAUFFMAN bought the license for SiC production in Europe
1891 American inventor Acheson registered his patent of invention on CARBORUNDUM production (silicon carbide).

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